Aimspeir is a small island nation. Nearly four-hundred miles by a hundred, it is spanned by two long reaching rivers, and has seven major cities, including its capital city of Rollsport. Living across its rolling lands are humans, elves, drow, dwarves and half-lings.

Each race lives, governing themselves and trading contently with one another.

The dwarves reside beneath the Smir mountains and control Loret, the drow deep beneath Darem, the surface city they built. Alte is home to the elves, Blackmuth belonging to the halflings, and Rollsport is run namely by humans. All other cities are inhabited by a combination of the races, living together in great peace.

One race, however, has aspiration far above the rest, and that peace will soon be shattered by their selfish actions.

A Desire For Rampancy

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